Photo: One Man's Dangerous Solution To An Overcrowded 1 Train

A person rides between cars on the 1 train during Monday's morning commute meltdown.
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A person rides between cars on the 1 train during Monday's morning commute meltdown. courtesy Morgan Avery

When a track fire sent delays and service changes rippling along the A, B, C and D train lines this morning, the MTA urged straphangers in Manhattan and the Bronx to take the 1 train as an alternative. This proved to be a very bad alternative, as platforms along that line, including 168th Street, quickly became overcrowded.

We spoke to one frustrated rider who managed to snap this picture encapsulating the whole, sweaty mess. While we were unable to speak with the between-cars rider, photographer Morgan Avery said he appeared to be making the best of a very cramped situation.

"He was already standing there as the train arrived and left," said Avery, who snapped the pic on the downtown 1 train platform at 157th Street. "This train was the 5th or 6th that had gone by that was so packed that no one could get on. People were spilling out as the doors open because there was so many people. At least 12 trains had gone by before I could get on."

"Even if he wanted to there was no way for him to fit on either side," she added. "I think for him, like a lot of us this morning, he just was sick of the crowds and needed to get to where he needed to be."

Where will New Yorkers' scared, desperate hands crop up next?

The MTA, which has recently discouraged riders from taking matters into their own hands on the subway tracks, does not condone riding between cars, either.

"Under no circumstances should customers ride between cars," said spokesman Kevin Ortiz. "It is dangerous."


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