Workers are struggling to save an old Staten Island ferry that's sinking 60 miles north of New York in the Hudson River. The Herbert H. Lehman, named after the former New York Governor and United States Senator, was decommissioned in 2007 after four decades of service. The ferry began taking on water last week and is now listing to starboard at the end of a pier near Newburgh, NY. Divers inspected the sunken portion on Monday and determined it was resting on the river bottom.

The 3,500 passenger ferry was listed on eBay in 2010 with an ask of $500,000. Too bad the chance to buy such a magical piece of formerly buoyant New York history has come and gone. After all, if a free ferry ride is enough to impress a date, owning it might have been a real deal closer. But maybe it's not too late to buy the thing and drag it over a mountain.