From the looks of these photos, the commute home for those on the L train was no fun last night. On the same day that riders on the line were asked to rate the service, service came to a halt during the evening rush. Who's to blame? It seems like the MTA actually gets a pass this time. Rumor has it that someone pulled the emergency brake.

The MTA is looking for riders to fill out a "Rider Report Card" for all the lines right now (all languages). MTA Executive Director and CEO writes to readers, "This survey will measure your experience with our service and help us direct our resources to the areas where they are most needed. Your ride is our responsibility. Your trip should be on time, clean, and comfortable, and announcements should be clear and informative. Your comments count. Our goal is to serve you better." Uh huh.

If you took the L train last night, how messed up was your commute?

Photo on left by lauratitian on flickr; Photo on right by Zach Klein on flickr