A Bronx teen is suing a wedding hall and bridal shop for using an unauthorized photo of her and her uncle in ads that made them seem like newlyweds. The lawsuit filed by the family of 17-year-old Katelyn Aviles accuses the Sanz catering hall and Margie's Bridal in the Bronx of causing her "severe and serious injuries and damages" by using the photo, which wasn't even taken at Sanz! It was snapped at her sweet 16 birthday party, and Aviles's lawyer speculates that the photographer is affiliated with Sanz. Aviles says she knew nothing about the ad until friends began teasing her about a modeling career. "When I got to school, everyone is looking at me different, talking about me, whispering," she tells the Daily News. "A few of the girls I hang out with were saying, 'You think you're all that.' " The ad appeared on a postcard, which friends found in a stack in the foyer of an IHOP. Now some call her the "IHOP girl," and Aviles feels "violated." She tells the Post, "One person said, 'Who's that, your boyfriend?' I did a double take and said, 'What are you, serious? That's my uncle.' He basically raised me."