Rex Ryan is a passionate man with varied tastes: he appreciates snack time, orange sweatshirts, pretty feet, the art of football, running with the bulls, and as we've now learned, hanging out at Hooters.

As Deadspin pointed out, Ryan and his twin brother Rob "Wolfman" Ryan visited an Indianapolis Hooters for a photo op while in town for the NFL Combine this week. Of course, there's only one thing Ryan loves more than fried chicken wings and scantily-clad waitresses: forgotten Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

Despite a disastrous 2012 season (never forget the buttfumble) and sitting out the 2013 season with an injury, Ryan still believes Sanchez can be the Jets QB next season: "I always want guys back," he said at the NFL Combine. "[Would] I want him back? Absolutely. Would I want all my guys back? You guys know my answer. You know how I feel about my players. That’s just the way it is."

If Sanchez is on the roster this season, he'll be due a $2 million bonus in March and brings a $13.1 million cap charge. On the plus side, he is throwing with “good velocity” in Southern California four months after surgery for his throwing arm, according to the News. On the down side, oh, let's just revisit the play below:

"When people bleed for you, it’s hard not to be loyal to those players," Ryan added. And when you bleed ink for people, it's probably hard to be objective as well.