The NYPD arrested two men for allegedly putting an ATM skimming device in the vestibule of a Brooklyn Chase branch. And here's what it looked like (above and below).

According to the police, Chase investigators contacted them on Tuesday, March 4, about the device, which was placed on one of the ATMs at 290 Flatbush Avenue. So cops monitored the branch and spotted two men entering the Prospect Heights vestibule at 8:10 p.m. Police say the pair "removed a door mounted Parabit card reader and cameras that were mounted onto the actual ATM machine."


While still inside the vestibule, Laurentiu Baies, 34, and Marcel Boariu, 36, were arrested by detectives. They were charged with burglary, criminal possession of a forgery device and criminal possession of a skimmer device.

The NY Times reports, "They are Romanian nationals who have been in the country for about a month, the police said... They appeared to be linked to a larger criminal conspiracy surrounding the creation of fake cards used to withdraw cash, the detective said, though he would not provide details, citing a continuing investigation."

One detective, Robert Cimino, who is on the police department's financial crimes task force, said to the Times, "To the untrained eye, they’re very difficult to spot, especially in low-lit areas," so when you are entering your PIN number, cover your hand while you're entering it, because thieves also affix cameras above the keypad to capture the codes.