Mayor Bloomberg has been leading a fearless crusade against fireworks and sparklers peddlers around the five boroughs, lest any of them overshadow his good corporate friend Macy's big night. To that end, the NYPD arrested a Queens man who had 50 boxes of fireworks, including M-80s and such products as “Massive Explosion” and “Lazy B---h.” This sounds like the type of bust that would make Rex Banner giggle with pride.

George Liakas, 26, also had firework-making materials, eight cannisters of military-grade powder and five pounds of potassium perchlorate in his basement. He was arrested after Queens vice cops bought $500 worth of fireworks from him earlier this week, and he mentioned that he had “a lot more fireworks” at his house in Astoria. His collection was worth thousands of dollars altogether. He has been charged with dealing fireworks, criminal possession of explosives, assault on a police officer, and reckless endangerment.

Police noted that this was the 48th seizure by various NYPD units in advance of the 4th of July, resulting in a total of 68 arrests and the seizure of six vehicles either containing or used to transport fireworks into NYC from out of state. That list includes two Bronx men who were arrested for trying to sell more than $1,600 worth of illegal fireworks on Craigslist.