Central Park is running snowmakers today. (Gothamist)

This afternoon we received the above photo from a tipster, who remarked, "Running all day. Can this be intentional?" It is! Belt and suspenders, people.

The Parks Department press office confirms that the snow machines, set up for this weekend's Winter Jam in Central Park, have been fully operational today. During a massive snow storm that is bringing plenty of snow to the area, followed by freezing temperatures that will keep it around for quite a while...

Spokesperson Meghan Lalor issued this statement: "The grooming equipment we have coming in to create the snowfield at Winter Jam requires a large amount of snow, so in addition to the natural snow we're getting this week we've decided to continue blowing snow. The snowfield will accommodate skiing and snowboarding lessons, cross country skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing."

And next August we look forward to huddling under the Parks Department heat lamps for warmth!