Count Dr. Lisa Li is one of the lucky ones. On Sunday, she was driving to work at St. Clare Hospital in Boonton, New Jersey, when Kinnelon Road collapsed and engulfed her GMC Yukon. The road opened up because of the rushing waters of Hurricane Irene, but somehow, Li managed to escape unharmed.

After the impact, Li literally sprang into action. "I tried to stay calm. I knew I was alright. I rolled down the window, threw my bag out, got out on the hood, and then jumped to the other side of the road," she told Good Day New York. Authorities say that the section of road that collapsed is going to take at least three months to repair. Overall, NJ has been badly hit by Irene and Governor Chris Christie has even cancelled a trip out-of-state for a GOP event to deal with the Garden State's crisis.

Li said that she had no cell service, so she had to wait for someone to come along and help her. Eventually someone did; giving her a ride to the police station. Still, we bet Li will using a new route to work from now on, even when the road does get fixed.