This week, a man was spotted on the E train in nothing but his socks and sneakers enjoying a very fleshy trip through Manhattan. There was speculation from fellow straphangers that the man was drunk at the time, but he may be more of an empowered nudist than we first thought: it turns out the same man was spotted in a park just a few weeks ago.

Melanie Lazenby spotted the man on a city park bench about three weeks ago. She told the Post that he "walked up, removed all of his clothes and put them in his bag and sat down and put his headphones on." Unlike the person who took the photo of the man on the train, Lazenby was more amused than grossed out by the nudist: "I don’t mind seeing amusing things from time to time. He was completely harmless," she said. "He was in his own world. People would walk by and take pictures, and he never made eye contact."

Unlike yesterday, the Post was able to resist labeling the man a "fatty," a "drunk," or "bare-bodied boob" in today's report, nor did they indulge in their tendency toward homeless speculation and bashing.

Anyway, seeing the same nudist twice in a row like this feels like good luck. Everything's coming up sneakers this weekend.