Despite a lot of things that keep going wrong for the Mets this season (what else is new?), the organization is gearing up for next month's All-Star Game extravaganza at Citi Field with aplomb, inviting fans and media down to check out the All-Star food options yesterday. During the preview, The Mets Police noticed that a certain giant-bobbledheaded mascot was taking photos with fans...but it wasn't the nation's most beloved sports mascot, Mr. Met. Rather, it was some dainty doppleganger named Mrs. Met. So who is she? Is she Mr. Met's wife? His mother? Or is she his cross-dressing alternate personality?

While that last one might explain why Mrs. and Mr. Met weren't seen in a photo together, it turns out that Mrs. Met is no spring chicken. Despite infrequent appearances in recent years, Mrs. Met was first introduced in the '70s as Mr. Met's husband wife. In fact, the original people in those costumes even got married in real life (and then divorced 25 years later).

But before she was known as Mrs. Met, she was better known as Lady Met in the original cartoon that spawned the beloved mascots. And that Lady Met had much lighter, reddish hair. So did Mrs. Met dye her hair Betty Francis-style in recent years? Or did Mr. Met get re-married to a slightly more conservative mascot?

Twist: it's even more complicated than that. For you see, the original Mr. Met who married Lady Met, who then took the name Mrs. Met, had THREE CHILDREN together (as you can see in the video below). And after the original Mr. Met retired, his youngest son, also named Mr. Met, took over the position for him. So the original Mrs. Met is the current Mr. Met's MOTHER.

Of course, we still can't be sure whether the giant-headed mascot above is Mrs. Met, current Mr. Met's mother, or Mrs. Met, current Mr. Met's wife who happens to have the same name.