We've seen the worst of the worst when it comes to poor subway behavior: bros with patio furniture, dudes hanging brain, banana peel seat hogs, blow job express trains, etc. But here's a more subtle subway faux pas: tipster RC spotted the woman above lounging on the subway with her shoes off yesterday. "Shoes off with no fucks to give," as he put it.

This breaks the most basic tenet of subway etiquette: respect other people's space. You're in public—you shouldn't treat the subway like your living room, which means you shouldn't cut your nails, or spit on the ground, or take your shoes off. Since scientists have yet to perfect Smell-O-Vision, we don't know how pungent this woman's feet were, but we'd always rather play it safe and not risk even a passing whiff of sock stench.

Having said that, what's worse: showing off your socks on the subway, or wearing sandals? Would you rather see cotton or exposed toes?

Anyway, we can all agree that show licking is worse than all these things: