Awwww, look at these two love birds, heading to prom on their Citi Bikes! The DOT tweeted this photo this afternoon, boasting that Citi Bike is the new stretch Hummer. Except—what self-respecting academic institution holds prom in July? In what appears to be the middle of the afternoon? This looks suspiciously like a set-up. And if it's not, that poor guy is going to have a hell of a time getting to second base on the back seat of a Citi Bike.

And not to be a buzzkill here, but these adorable young things are violating several Citi Bike regulations. Certainly they're not riding on the sidewalk, hmm? Without helmets? And a person could also say, for argument's sake, that those festive balloons could be obstructing their vision? Is there a precariously placed toddler buried somewhere under there, too? By the time these guys are done getting their summonses written, they'll have missed the 30-minute time limit, and no high schooler has the bones to pay that fine. Next time, just stick to the Hummer—ultimately, it will probably be cheaper.