New Jersey environmental authorities are looking for a deer living with an arrow shot straight through its face.

The injured animal was first reported by Rockaway Township resident Susan Darrah, who posted photos of the unfortunate creature to her Facebook page after she saw it wandering through her backyard last week.

"Tried to capture him to no avail…..he can eat, run and there's no blood, less chance of infection," she wrote on November 1. "I just feel so bad for him..."

The deer, apparently a regular visitor to Darrah's property, has resurfaced several times since then, but hasn't hung around long enough for New Jersey Fish and Game to catch it. Darrah's most recent sighting occurred yesterday, and though the animal successfully evaded authorities, Darrah is confident the deer will be back, having partaken of the corn and pears she placed around her property.

Despite the wrenching sight, Darrah said she doesn't blame the hunter responsible, and that the deer, despite its wounds, appears to be coping.

"I'm sure it was unintentional. I want to believe the hunter tried to find him," she wrote. "He doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. I say that because his 4 herd mates are with him."