Is teetering on the edge of a high ledge sans harness a new and exciting trend in window-washing? In April, this gentleman captured our hearts and boggled our minds after he was seen dangling casually from an open window 100 feet above the pavement dwellers slinking below. In July, alarmed office workers sent us this photo of a man clinging to the outside an adjacent building, seemingly wiping away without a rope in sight. (The building's management company insisted the man was in fact wearing a Charmed Invisible Harness, and that he was as safe as a baby in an artisan-crafted bjorn. We remain skeptical.)

And now, this. While this fellow, perched outside an East 14th Street apartment building near Union Square, doesn't quite set the record for Highest Free Form Window Wash, he's sufficiently far from the ground that falling would likely result in death, or at the very least, paralysis and the breaking of several important bones. Then again, it's not like there are any great options in the first place.