What's weird about this? What's weird about checking out a Citi Bike—which, at most, you have 45 minutes to return—and heaving all 45 pounds of it onto the subway? There's nothing wrong with the bike—certainly you would have just picked a new one if there was— so that can't be the reason you're not riding it. This photo was taken on Monday around 6 p.m.—perhaps it was the brief bout of inclement weather that happened around that time, but then wouldn't one just opt out of the bike altogether? Were you honor-bound by an oath made to a dying elder that on this day, August 19, 2013 anno Domini, you would rent a Citi Bike, weather be damned? (In a clerical oversight, the contract never stipulated that you actually had to ride it.)

Tipster Miranda W., who snapped this shot on the 3 train near Times Square, said the Citi Bike Wrangler exited the train with his burden at 96th Street—from which the nearest docking station is around 37 blocks.

The only plausible explanation is that this isn't a Citi Bike, but a service dog dressed as a Citi Bike. Stranger things have happened.