With no Meat Lover's Emergency in sight, a police officer on a department-issued bicycle committed a traffic violation and grave sin today when he biked down the wrong way of the street and then—hold onto your pince-nez—pedaled on the sidewalk.

Our tipster says the salmoning occurred in the vicinity of 47th Street and Fifth Avenue, then crossing Fifth Avenue, where "this NYPD officer decided it would be a great idea to hop up and ride on the sidewalk to say hello to his buddies. It was incredibly busy and he was having to dodge people to get up there." The tipster adds, "Thanks NYPD for enforcing laws which even your bike officers don't follow."

Quite. And yet…

Who is this truly harming? We are understandably eager to point out instances, large and small, where power is abused. But why aren't we as eager to point out this officer's humanity? That he, like most cyclists I know, may engage in a slow glide on the sidewalk from time to time?

Gothamist co-founder and Editor Jen Chung is unsparing in her criticism for anyone who would dare to bike on the sidewalk:

Sidewalk bicycling, like salmon bicycling, is a slippery slope into social chaos. Just because you can do it doesn't make it right. He wasn't pursuing a perp! Cycling onto a busy, Midtown street to say "hi" to your friends would mean a ticket for any other person. It's also dangerous for the pedestrians. It's like parking the cruiser in the bike lane!

A question: Who would you rather have policing you on a bike?

The robot who follows every single law to the letter—stops on a dime at every single STOP sign and red light, bikes a half mile out of his way and expects you to do the same every time—no matter how difficult or absurd the situation may be?

Or a Human, who recognizes that laws aren't about pedantry but about Truth? Who saw the one time you had to salmon up Fifth Avenue to make that job interview on time and instead of writing a ticket, remembers that You are also Human (and not terribly endangering anyone's life).

Anyway, don't ride on the sidewalk.