This isn't the first time we've seen a grown-up pedaling around town with a little tyke in a Citi Bike basket, and we're guessing it won't be the last. Despite very clear rules prohibiting carrying "a second person on a Citi Bike bicycle," that sturdy basket attached to the handlebars is just too tempting. The mortified tipster who snapped this shame shot writes:

I was slightly shocked to see this while riding up Lafayette. That dad obviously doesn't love his kid. Poor kid had to straddle that basket, and what if they got hit? He would have been projectile launched. Terrifying.

To be fair, the child is wearing a helmet. On the other hand, this is the intersection of Lafayette and Houston Street, not a sleepy back road in Anytown, USA. And besides, this guy should really know better than to give us Citi Bike fodder on a slow news day leading up to the Fourth of July.