A cat with an arrow shot through its stomach was brought to an upstate animal hospital after a woman discovered the poor creature in a field.

According to the Utica Observer-Dispatch, the wounded feline was found with the arrow lodged in his abdomen in a Waterville field 10 days ago. He was rushed promptly into surgery, where vets found that the 27-inch arrow had lodged itself between two ribs, slicing the cat's liver, stomach and spleen.

Despite the severity of his injuries, the cat survived, and now must suffer the indignity of being named—the paper reports the options on the table are currently Robin Hood, Norman or, most offensively, Arrow. The first one is inaccurate—the cat, presumably, did not shoot itself. Arrow is equally perplexing—why name the cat after the instrument that almost ended its life? Can you imagine if we employed this system with human beings? "Stray Bullet Mulligan?" "Terrible Blender Mishap Weinstein"? Let's just go with Norman.

Then again, YNN reports the cat may be reunited with its owners, a family who claims the cat may have been theirs before it went missing for a month. Let's hope they keep a closer eye on him this time—Norman clearly doesn't have the best luck. In fact, none of them do.