Tonight's nightmare fuel courtesy of Black And Brown News

There's a new sad rat in town: A giant 3-foot-long rat met its maker at the Marcy Houses recently, when Housing Authority worker Jose Rivera stabbed it multiple times with a pitchfork. The 48-year-old says he believes there are at least two more on the loose out there, which he spotted when filling a rat hole last week.

An expert at the Wildlife Conservation Society told the Daily News—who caught wind of the story from Black and Brown News—it is likely a Gambian pouched rat, and was probably someone's escaped or discarded pet. The head of the Marcy Houses Tenant Association says these giant rats have been spotted over the past six years; and one resident told BBN that eight big rats were recently killed in one day.

Tenants believe the rats have been breeding with Norway rats in the area, and are "spawning a super-breed of rodents" that "gang up on the cats." Though zoo experts say that is unlikely, who cares, because these things exist! But at least they probably can't crawl up our toilets?