Sensing that if 40-100 subway enthusiasts/camera owners are willing to stage a protest against the MTA's proposed photo ban on subways, the Straphangers have announced a subway photography contest. This comes on the heels of the Village Voice's subway photography contest. A comparison of the contests:

- Straphangers' contest: Two categories - "Transit Slice of Life" ("depict people in everyday activity, such as snapshots of your family riding the system or riders waiting for a train or a bus. You can also submit photographic images of the system that express what makes the subways and buses so important in our daily lives.") and "The Fixer-Upper" (conditions in the subways or buses that need fixing, such as drips (and subway stalactites and stalagmites!) or overcrowded locations).
Due: 5:00 p.m., Friday, July 30th, 2004
Prize: Free unlimited-ride 30-day MetroCard (retail $71); four other finalists in each category will receive free seven-day unlimited-ride MetroCards (um, Gothamist doesn't know how much that is anymore, since we're now cowed into buying monthly cards).

- Village Voice: Any photographs.
Due: July 9, 2004
Prize: $100 gift certificate to the New York Transit Museum Store Online or five $20 MetroCards

Clearly, the Village Voice's contest has a better prize, but the Straphangers Campaign pushes photographers to find a subject and has runner-up prizes. Gothamist says, why not enter both with a number of photographs. More details on size of photos and where to send them at Straphangers and Village Voice. Plus, know your photo-taking rights on the subway. And Gothamist on the MTA's proposed ban.