This week, several people reported finding assorted alligator limbs in Williamsburg scattered near N. 10th Street. It seems the sicko (no judgments!) who put them there was at it again this weekend—we have had two reports of another bloody limb on N. 10th Street on Saturday. "Walking on Wythe Ave. this morning and spotted this severed gator hand on the sidewalk with flies swarming around the bloody stump," Tim Ichniowski told us. "It's still there."

"This is certainly a mutilation situation, and it's a sick individual who would do that," “Jungle Bob” Smith, owner of Jungle Bob's Reptile World in Long Island, said earlier this week. "They're not something that's common in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, that's the part that befuddles me." If you see any more limbs, call the cops (and send any pics to—and if you see someone putting the limbs out there, please tell them to just stop it already, they're scaring away future Purple Pants Men.