The furor over Citi Bike has largely died down, with the cycles having finally integrated themselves into the fabric of the city—just like most people assumed they would. But let's take a minute to remember a time when things weren't always so peaceful—before the membership snafus, the spin classes and the "dockblocking."

A long, long time ago (April), we reported that cars were getting towed without their owner's knowledge to make way for Citi Bike racks, and people were understandably furious. Now, three months later, the wheels of karmic justice have ground slowly into place. The above photo was snapped Friday on West 23rd Street between 9th and 10th avenues. Our tipster isn't sure what the Citi Bike van had done to deserve getting towed, but those who lost a loved one car to the racks will surely smile at such full-circle Citi Bikismet.