Heh, we knew rents in Manhattan were obscene, but folks this is ridiculous! An online ad for an Upper West Side studio apartment featured photos of the, uh, unit's renovated bathroom, stainless steel appliances, and original hardwood erect penis, which appears to get lots of light and southern exposure (plus exposure to all other points on the compass, amirite?). Gawker noticed the ad on Streeteasy, and after placing a call to the broker, the penis simply went away. Happens to the best of us, brother.

We left a message for the broker and we'll update if/when we hear back, but we did get his colleague on the phone. She was aware of the ad for the unit, but had no idea it featured a UNIT. "In our ad there's that image? Really? Oh! Okay," Moon told us. "I guess we'll have to look into it." Yes, that's what she said.

For the uncensored version of the cocked-up apartment, Gawker's got you covered.