Many moon ago, the NY Post caught wind that a rehabilitating Derek Jeter had packed on a few extra pounds, dubbing him "Derek Eater" on their front page. Jeter is pretty much the most beloved man in baseball and a NYC institution, so we can only imagine what the dailies will make of the above photo of the most hated man in baseball.

It's entirely possible that, like the Jeter photo, it'll turn out the extra paunch was just a bad photo angle taken at exactly the wrong time. Then again, with A-Rod sitting out the next season thanks to his suspension, there's nothing really stopping him from stretching out and really nesting, ya know? And more importantly, it doesn't matter, because everyone hates him and people just want an excuse to ridicule him. The medium is the message ergo YEAH JEETS.

So what new nickname will this earn him? Fat-Rod? Dough-Rod? Tub-Rod? Cake-Rod?

[h/t Deadspin]