In a bit of law enforcement karma, Victor Alfaro-Marquez of Long Island was arrested for impersonating a police officer. Who was he arrested by? An actual police officer he had pulled over just hours before.

Citing "citizen-oriented and altruistic" intentions, Alfaro-Marquez pulled up behind Zambito in Suffolk County on Monday night, lights flashing and siren on. Zambito was holding his badge as Alfaro-Marquez approached the window. Alfaro-Marquez was sporting a badge around his neck, and asked Zambito if he was a city detective. Det. Lt. Matthew Sullivan explains, "When he said 'No, Suffolk,' the guy said 'Oh, I'm DEA' and walked away. The whole encounter was strange. The guy wasn't right."

Zambito copied Alfaro-Marquez's license plate number and showed up at his house a few hours later, where he found two fake badges, handcuffs, a pellet pistol in a holster, and paraphernalia bearing logos of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. They also found he has previously been arrested for carrying a fake driver's license.