We're fascinated by the Verizon cable meltdown that still have 1,500 Manhattan residents without phone or Internet access (the cable melted at Madison and 38th Street - that's either Murray Hill, Midtown East, or Koreatown). Mainly because we happen to use Verizon for our high-speed internet needs and would have been weeping like a seven month old baby whose parents made us use the potty if our precious, precious internet access were compromised... and then we'd try to steal some WiFi from a neighbor. But are issues like residential telephone service outages less an issue nowadays because people don't have land line phones anymore? Or are internet phones like Vonage so popular that getting a number where telemarketers can call you is unnecessary?

And Verizon says the issue should be fixed sometime this week, which means some people may have had no phone service for a week.