Earlier this year, citizens of honorary sixth borough Philadelphia were living in terror of a local man who had been approaching women in his car and asking them to put a slice of swiss cheese on his penis and perform sexual acts on him. Cheese enthusiast Christopher Pagano, 42, has now pleaded guilty to harassing four women; he's been sentenced to eight years probation and must go to sex offender treatment.

In addition, he's been banned from driving, except to work, church and doctors; he also must stay away from his victims. As far as we know, he has not been given any restrictions on his cheese intake.

Pagano, a married father of a 12-year-old girl, had been facing 25 years in jail if he had gone to trial. This was the third time Pagano had been arrested for cheese-related crimes; he was previously arrested in 2006 and 2009 for soliciting prostitutes to perform cheese-sex acts on him.

Gabby Chest previously claimed she had an encounter with the Swiss Cheese Pervert in 2012, when a "really strange guy" messaged her on OKCupid with a very specific request: "He said he was looking for someone to perform masturbation on him with cheese," Chest said. "He kept saying how strong his urges were and how desperate he was to find someone to help him with them." You can read the full message she received here.