Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was in the Bronx on Friday, to settle his World Series bet with Mayor Bloomberg. The two mayors decided not to do a cheesesteak-cheesecake bet (Senators Schumer and Gillibrand did that with Senators Casey and Specter) and instead agreed "that the losing mayor would travel to the winning city to join the winning mayor in a volunteer service project, while wearing the winning team’s jersey." So Nutter wore a jersey with the number 55—for Hideki Matsui—while Bloomberg wore a #27 jersey (for the Yankees' 27th World Series win) while they painted the halls of J.H.S. 131, the Albert Einstein School.

According to the press release from City Hall, Bloomberg said, "The Phillies were a tough team, but I knew Mayor Nutter was going to end up looking great in pinstripes. The Yankees are the World Champions, but the real winners are of course the students with us today who are learning how they can make a difference in their own school. The Cities of Service coalition Mayor Nutter and I are a part of is working to support similar efforts that strengthen our communities in cities across the country. I want to thank Mayor Nutter for being so gracious and helping to promote the power of community service.” Nutter said, "Congratulations on the New York Yankees victory. I am sure that the team and Mayor Bloomberg will do a great job of looking after the World Series Trophy until the Phillies take it back next year."

At the school, Nutter added, "I wish we were doing this in Philadelphia," to which Bloomberg opined, "I'm looking forward to having Mayor Nutter here next year, painting another school."