Every time we think we're getting past the Bedbugs Invasion of 2010, it just pulls us back in: after a woman claimed she saw one of the parasitic insects on Tuesday, NYU's Hospital for Joint Diseases evacuated and locked down a 10th-floor treatment facility. Though they didn't actually find any bedbugs, the staff was still sent home, appointments were canceled, and the area was isolated and thoroughly cleansed, just in case. If phantom bedbugs are enough to cause that much panic and immobilize our hospitals, can you imagine what it'll be like when our giant bedbug overlords touch down for a visit?

Thankfully, there are some brave pockets of resistance fighters out there trying to rid the city of our infestation. One such company, BedBug Central, is even offering to provide free treatments to apartments and homes in need. But since gratis treatments don't grow on trees, you'll have to email a description of why you need their services in 300 words or less to the company—and you better have a good sob story ready, since these guys have heard the works: "You see a lot of sad situations where people are trying to feed their family while dealing with a bedbug infestation," entomologist Jefferey White told the News. So don't think you can just blame this one on Norah Jones.