Pfizer is making a splash with news that it will give away 70 of its drugs, such as Lipitor and Viagra, to people "who lost jobs since Jan. 1 and have been on the Pfizer drug for three months or more," according to the AP. The AP points out, "The move could earn Pfizer some goodwill in that debate after long being a target of critics of drug industry prices and sales practices" and "also likely will help keep those patients loyal to Pfizer brands." Dr. Jorge Puente, Pfizer's head of pharmaceuticals outside the U.S. and Europe, told the AP, "Everybody knows now a neighbor, a relative who has lost their job and is losing their insurance. People are definitely hurting out there. Our aim is to help people bridge this point." Patients can call 866-706-2400 to sign up; in July, they'll be able to sign up through this website.