2005_11_courtlove.jpgThis is awesome and more dangerous than Jack McCoy sleeping with Claire Kincaid: A disgruntled ex-secretary's complaint that a judge was having an affair with an assistant district attorney now may have repercussions for the judge's rulings. Defense lawyer Ron Kuby now claims that Supreme Court Justice Jaime Rios' "improper sexual relationship" with former ADA Meryl Lutsky and is asking for a new trial for Tyrone Johnson, who was convicted in 2003. Former secretary Judith Memblatt's complaint says that Rios asked Lutsky "how many bedrooms" where in her apartment during court, and that Rios would keep track days with Lutsky and days with his wife by marking their names on his calendar. Lutsky, who now works for Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, denies the claims, but Rios did not comment. Kuby has a great quote: "Generally, I don't care who Judge Rios is screwing as long as he's not screwing my client."