As the city gets ready to off some more Canada geese (but tomorrow's Canada Day!), Andrea Peyser has gone over to Prospect Park to meet some of the lucky ones that may survive this mass termination cycle. But since they nearly took down a plane carrying Leonardo DiCaprio that one time, Peyser's not standing for it! She wrote, "The only good goose I know is served on a plate" (which she may be able to order up at a food bank sometime soon). Peyser's tour guide, Anne-Katrin Titze, tellls us, "I showed Peyser the 29 flightless 'critters' on the 60 acre watercourse, in order to keep her favorite target, the Prospect Park Canada Geese, off her radar for persecution and short circuit an outcry for culling in her column... We also explained to her that park Canada Geese are unfit for eating. I hope I never get that hungry."

Meanwhile, the "goose boosters" are currently headed to rally outside of Mayor Bloomberg's mansion to stop Canada goose slaughter. They'll be there until 8 p.m., and declare: “We refuse to accept this as inevitable. This grotesque boondoggle must stop. New York should be protecting the geese in our parks, not chasing them away or stuffing them and their babies into crates and gassing them. We hope to help Mayor Bloomberg understand that the voice of sanity won’t be silenced..." like the geese.

This year's goose slaughter is expected to take place soon, if it hasn't already (details are scarce due to the expected protesting).