This week, President Obama made his first comments about the Petraeus scandal that has taken over the news cycle from Hurricane Sandy over the past week. Obama stressed that the affair posed no threat to national security: "I have no evidence, from what I have seen at this point, that classified information was exposed," Obama said Wednesday at a White House news conference. But it turns out that some was: the FBI has found a "substantial" amount of classified information on the personal computer of Paula Broadwell, the mistress of now-former CIA director Petraeus.

Though the contents of the material obviously can't be revealed, officials say it is significant enough to warrant a continuing investigation. According to ABC sources, officials also found documents Broadwell admitted taking from secure government buildings. Broadwell has now been stripped of her military security clearance. Prosecutors are now determining whether to charge Broadwell with a crime.

Petraeus spoke for the first time since he resigned, telling Headline News reporter Kyra Phillips he never shared state secret: “[Petraeus] had told me he had engaged in something dishonorable. He sought to do the honorable thing in response,” Phillips said. “He has maintained to me all along that this was a personal failing…he has made it very clear that this was an extramarital affair and not over classified information or Benghazi.” To that end, Petraeus will appear behind closed doors to testify to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence at 7:30 a.m. Friday.

Jill Kelley, the other other woman involved in the scandal—Broadwell apparently sent her "harassing" emails because she may have felt threatened by her close relationship with Petraeus—has also lost her access. “She did have base access but does not currently because of her involvement in an ongoing investigation,” a military official told the Tampa Tribune. Kelley has also lost her unofficial, made-up title of "social liaison," a title one military official told the Washington Post appeared to be a polite way of saying “rich Tampa socialite who likes to hang with four-star generals.”