Photograph of a cotton candy wielding straphanger by shveckle on Flickr

From the MTA press release announcing this year's Music Under New York selections:

During the auditions, approximately 70 acts performed in front of a live panel of judges, consisting of musicians, performing arts professionals, MTA and NYCT transit representatives, and others. The acts were judged on the criteria of quality, variety, and appropriateness for the mass transit environment.

As a result of the judges’ scores, 21 acts were selected including:
Break of Reality, cellos and percussion ensemble; Gabe Cummings, new jazz guitar; Dagnar 2, art-rock opera; Double Entendre Music Ensemble, classic wind sextet; Dulaney Banks, blue and folk duo; Kahn Hightower, R&B vocalist; Jason Hill, country, blue guitar; Gillen & Turk, folk singer; Una Harders, opera singer; Darryl Milton, singer and guitar; Albert Mulad, violin; NY Strings, string quartet; Patrick Wolff Trio, jazz group; Greg Pettillo, beat-box flute; Frank Achaap, jazz duo; Giovanni Suquillo, fusion guitar; Mohamadu Salieu Suso, west African kora; Yanouv & Zigmat, flute world folk duo; and ZZC, Chinese Erhu duo. For special events. Takahirotap, dance duo and Toli & the Femm Nameless, Afro one-world beat ensemble were added.