The Department of Transportation is planning a pedestrian plaza in downtown Brooklyn: They will close Willoughby Street between Adams and Pearl, plus the Adams Street Service Road at Willoughby Street, saying this will "enhance safety along the heavily trafficked pedestrian corridor."

Work on a temporary plaza, which will be separated from traffic using planters and will include benches, chairs, tables and bike racks, is scheduled to begin in early May. If the project is successful, a permanent, raised plaza will be constructed, providing nearly 7,000 square feet of new, attractive public space for Downtown Brooklyn.

The plaza is right by the Fulton Mall, and the DoT says that at peak hours, about 2,600 people walk in this area. The Post says that not only will this plaza plan be heard at a Community Board 2 hearing, but also a plan for outdoor tables at TGI Friday's. Flavor Shots on a Brooklyn sidewalk? No way!