If the snow doesn't make your dog disappear, it's not going to make your dog's crap disappear either. (Photo by Michael Pearce)

In New York we get to enjoy the snow for about five minutes before it's turned into a dirt slushee. After that, layers of yellow are added by the city's canines (and sometimes humans), along with street grime, and other little treats (rocks, needles, whatever). What we're saying is, our snow is dirty and depressing enough that the least we could do is pick the dog shit out of it. So this little pet etiquette reminder is for you, dog owners.

The snow does not give you an out in cleaning up after your dog. If you are a logical person, you might be thinking: duh, obviously. But on our walk to the office this morning we encountered EIGHT piles of the stuff in just three blocks. So clearly there are some people who think the snow magically cleans up their dog's crap. Consider this your gentle reminder that it doesn't.

That's it, this PSA is over. But what other pet etiquette rules have you seen broken lately?