This morning, Gothamist spotted a Department of Sanitation truck that is part of an "anti-graffiti unit." Is this unit to spot graffiti on all city properties or just Sanitation properties? Either way, we're wondering what's stored in the back of the truck? Is it a bunch of New York's Strongest ready to spring to action with any sighting of graffiti? Or is it at the beck and call of Peter Vallone, the City Council's most vocal anti-graffiti advocate? "Yes, I've spotted Kiko's tag in my 'hood, send the anti-graffiti unit right away."

Also, did you know that Vallone is an "accomplished athlete?" According to his City Council bio, Vallone was invited to play against the Chinese National Ping-Pong team on Wide World of Sports. Not only does he fight graffiti, but the red scourge of communism as well.