2007_11_doghomework.jpgHomework can be added to the grand list of things that City Council member Peter Vallone is not so fond of. (That list includes graffitti, peeping toms, Con Ed, and pit bulls so far.) The other day, he said he wanted to introduce a cap on elementary school homework - 2 1/2 hours each day, plus one homework-free night a week. Pshaw, a homework-free night? That's called Friday!

Vallone explained, "There is no study that shows that homework relates to achievement in grade school at all. In fact, studies show otherwise. I'm a parent of two little girls and every parent I've spoken to says the same thing. Our kids are being denied the opportunity to be kids."

State Board of Regents member Meryl Tisch pointed out that the city doesn't have power to actually limit homework. But there was that book, The Case Against Homework, that asks, "Does assigning fifty math problems accomplish any more than assigning five?"

The Sun reported Mayor Bloomberg's feelings on the issue, "I suspect if you're running for eighth grade class president, less homework is a good campaign platform to work with. I don't mean to make light of his concerns, but it's up to the Department of Education and they'll decide what is an appropriate amount of homework."