As usual, Thursday morning finds us trolling the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association bulletin boards, looking for tasty morsels of real estate gossip. Today's find was a doozy-- one of the tenants posted a note asking for people to anonymously post their rents, and a frenzy of revelation ensued:

I'm paying nearly $2600 for a renovated one-bedroom on a high floor.

I am paying $3,200 for a 2br and wondering what I might expect in terms of a lease renewal this spring....

Our rent for a 2B/2BA in PCV went up from 3235 (2005) to 3650 (2006) with an option for another year at 3775 (2007). From what I hear, every rent is going up 15% this year.

I'm in a Stuy Town 2 bedroom, relatively high floor. I came in last march at $2645. This year my renewal is $2900 or $2970+/- for two years.

For a renovated one bedroom on a low floor, my rent has gone from $2,185 to $2,600 for one year lease or $2,675 for two year lease

I signed a 1yr lease for a 1BR in PCV in April. I'm on the ground floor on 1st avenue and the rent was 2195. I knew it was a good deal and I asked if the rent would just be jacked up in the next year. Of course they said no. I got the renewal letter for 2700 and 2780 for a 2yr. lease. That's over 20% which is outrageous just on principle.

My increase is from $2600 to over $3000. Our school district also sucks. I can't afford a rent increase and private school. Now I have to move. Why bring us in, only to squeeze us out a few years later?

Warning: gripe ahead! Is it just us, or do you think that anyone who pays $3000 to live in Peter Cooper Village is a collosal freaking moron? The area east of 1st Avenue above 20th Street is a barren hinterland devoid of easy subway access and normal ameneties. The buildings themselves are utilitarian post-war projects, for godsakes! Furthermore, it's REDONKULOUS that the owners of these buildings have turned what was supposed to be low and medium-income housing into a cash cow. Ewww ewww ewww!