2006_10_braunstein.jpgThis is literally crazy: Peter Braunstein's lawyer filed papers for his defense of the former journalist who kidnapped and sexually abused a former co-worker last Halloween. Basically, his lawyer may argue that Braunstein is so mentally ill that he didn't realize that all the horrible things he did - setting a fire in the hall, impersonating a firefighter, holding a former coworker captive in her apartment while he tortured, assaulted and videotaped her - were wrong. His defense team has already called him schizophrenic, and his defense has been working on the defense with his not guilty plea.

Now, we believe Braunstein has some seriously mental issues - but as an armchair psychologist-lawyer, the "super insanity" not guilty defense is ridiculous. He went on the lam for weeks before being captured in Memphis - if he had been found sitting in a pool of his own excrement in his city apartment, that'd be another story.

Braunstein's trial will start next January 4, 2007.