2008_07_peterbraun.jpgThe journalist-turned-sex attacker Peter Braunstein was sentenced to 23 years in Ohio prison, due to his assault of a Cincinnati doctor while on the lam in 2005. But Braunstein, who previously said he was happy to be behind bars as he serves his 20-year sentence in NY prison, doesn't plan on serving the Ohio sentence, because "I'm trying to orchestrate my own murder....It's not as far-fetched as you think. It will happen soon. Maybe as soon as Christmas. That's a pretty depressing time of year." He added, "When I had freedom, it was with a sense of mental anguish...When I had freedom I had to make decisions. Do I become a criminal? Do I continue to let my rage build until I become a homicidal maniac? Do I commit suicide? In jail, I have peace."