Somehow, Peter Braunstein has pleaded not guilty to the various crimes committed when he 1) set fires in an apartment building, 2) posed as a firefighter, and 3) molested a co-worker for thirteen hours. We can only begin to speculate why his beautiful blond lawyer is agreeing to go along with this, but Gothamist is sure that Braunstein is itching for a long, drawn-out trial with loads of media coverage. He's probably going to be going to jail for a long time, so what does he have to lose?

And in other sensational crime news, there's a SECOND TV movie about Sante and Kenneth Kimes, the grifting mother-and-son team that was found guilty of killing Irene Silverman in order to get her Upper East Side townhouse, even though Silverman's body was never found.

Image from our post on his capture - love our poor Photoshop skills!