Obviously hurting for some Fake Firefighter Perv coverage, the Post breaks the story that Peter Braunstein has gotten a new haircut! Unfortunately, the online version didn't provide a picture or illustration, so we had to mock up our own ideas, seen above. The Post's description:

Braunstein showed up for a routine Manhattan Supreme Court appearance yesterday sporting a shaggy new beard. It's the fourth makeover in as many court appearances.

Since his arrest in December on charges he masqueraded as a fireman so he could kidnap and sexually torment a female co-worker, the former Women's Wear Daily fashion writer has gone from curly haired to buzz cut.

Braunstein, 41, has told cops he slavishly follows his own press coverage — and is so image conscious he once complained that his wanted poster made him look "like a crazed Mexican." But his lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, joked yesterday that no significance should be attached to this latest "look."

"I don't think they give you razor blades over at Bellevue," Gottlieb quipped.

We think Mr. Braunstein should probably go back to the buzz-cut, but frankly anything is better than that Geri Curl madness he used to rock. Bonus: see if you can guess where we got the hair seen above!

UPDATE: Jen requested a ChiaBraunstein! If you have an idea, mock it up and email it us at photos@goth and we'll link it from this post.


UPDATE 2: we can't stop! We won't stop!