Legendary newsman Pete Hamill will be getting his diploma from Regis tomorrow, 59 years after he dropped out (there's still an old photo of him, right). As detailed in his memoir, A Drinking Life (excerpt), he dropped out of Regis at age 15 and went to work in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. According to the Daily News, the diploma came up back in the 1990s: "'President Clinton had a St. Patrick's Day panel at the White House,' says Jim Buggy, development chief at Regis. 'Jimmy Breslin growled at [Fordham president] Father O'Hare, "Why don't you give Pete an honorary degree?" Pete said, "What I really want is my diploma from Regis."'" Hamill told the News, "To be a newspaperman is the best education. You go out and talk to some of the most brilliant people in the world."