If only seal sightings were reserved for vast seascapes. PETA sent one of their "seals of disapproval" to the Grand Hyatt Hotel this past week "to protest Canada's seal slaughter while the country's prime minister, Stephen Harper" was attending a meeting inside. The organization notes that tens of thousands of harp seals are slaughtered in Canada each year, and even baby seal's skulls are bashed in during slaughter season.

The PETA member dressed as a bloody seal and blocked the door to the hotel, while several other PETA members held signs that read, "Harper: Stop the Seal Slaughter." The organization is "urging Harper to heed the call of world leaders—including President Obama and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin—to end the country's gruesome and cruel slaughter of seals (most of whom are babies) on the ice floes off Newfoundland and Labrador every year." Of course, this is all no matter to the boys in blue, who quickly hauled off and arrested the protester.