Oh, PETA. The animal rights organization is back with another shock and awe campaign, this time warning: Payback Is Hell. The artwork accompanying their message: a dismembered meat eater getting gobbled up by a shark.

According to the Daily News, PETA hasn't yet found a home for the ad, and are currently trying to get it up on Anna Maria Island in Florida, where a man was attacked by a bull shark on Saturday. A PETA spokeswoman says, "With sharks in the news, we thought it would be a good time to bring up the fact that sharks are not actually the most dangerous predators on the planet—we are. We hope that after this painful and horrible experience he and other fishermen will consider the pain that fish feel and we hope they will consider taking up another pastime." On their blog they describe the ad as "biting," and say that the man in question "found out what it was like to be speared by a fish when a shark bit his left thigh actually." Stay classy, PETA.

A shark angler told WWSB-TV in Florida, "If I see one of those billboards that they plan on putting up, I will burn it down."