PETA is urging New York City prosecutors to investigate Mike Tyson's reality television show about pigeon racing. (Also, Mike Tyson has a reality television show about pigeon racing).

The Brooklyn-based show will follow the former heavyweight champ as he competes outside of the ring, and inside the world of pigeon racing (which we visited here before). PETA claims the show is cruel to animals, noting in a statement that "the birds often end up lost in storms, being injured or just becoming so exhausted that they're unable to fly." They group also alleges that the show involves illegal gambling. A rep for Animal Planet, the network it will air on next year, says there will be no wagering on races, and the pigeons will be "cherished and respected by their owners."

According to MyFox5, PETA has sent a letter to the Brooklyn DA's office requesting an investigation, and the office says they are looking into the allegations. The show is still set to start filming this spring.