What does the Westminster dog show have in common with the KKK? According to PETA: plenty. The organization donned white robes and pointy hats as they protested the show outside of Madison Square Garden yesterday, declaring "the American Kennel Club promotes pure-breeding of dogs that is harmful to their health." Last year they explained this on their blog, and this year they took it to the masses with materials that read: "The KKK and the AKC: BFF?'' Such accusatory acronyms!

PETA spokesman Michael McGraw admits "it's an uncomfortable comparison," but he insists the AKC is trying to create a "master race" (not to mention breeding while adorable mutts overflow the shelters). You can read their entire leaflet here. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Westminster, David Frei, contends handlers "are more interested in the health of dogs than anything else. We want to produce the next generation of healthy and happy dogs." Well, that last part does sort of have a "cleansing" tone to it, no?