This coming Monday, fashion designer Donna Karan is hosting a fundraiser with First Lady Michelle Obama (followed by a concert at the St. James Theatre), and according to the NY Post, "Karan's personal chef is cooking for expected guests at her Greenwich Village home, including Tory Burch, Harvey Weinstein, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Kors." Who wasn't invited, however? PETA! But they have no problem crashing.

This morning a spokeswoman for the organization told us that they'll be hosting their very first fur protest of the season outside of Karan's house that night. She added, "The Greenwich Village protest will feature many animal-loving children and parents holding stuffed bunnies as well as protest signs taking Donna Karan to task for using rabbit fur in her winter clothing line." PETA VP Dan Matthews says, "We think Donna Karan should take a fashion tip from the first lady, who has officially announced that she is fur-free.

The last time Karan promised to take fur out of her fashions, she added it right back in again! So this could get ugly.